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Welcome to the American Society for Neurochemisty

The American Society for Neurochemistry seeks to advance and promote the science of neurochemistry and related neurosciences and to increase and enhance neurochemical knowledge; to advance, promote, support, encourage and facilitate communication among investigators in neurochemistry and related neurosciences; to promote, support, encourage and facilitate the dissemination of information concerning neurochemical research through scientific meetings, seminars, publications and related activities; to promote, support and encourage the research of individual neurochemists and to engage in activities for the advancement of the science of neurochemistry.


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ASN Neuro

is an open access, peer-reviewed journal
uniquely positioned to provide investigators
with the most recent advances across the breadth
of the cellular and molecular neurosciences
and is the official Journal of the ASN.

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If you have any questions, please contact
our Editor-in-Chief Douglas Feinstein, PhD

			Congratulations to 
the new Officers / Councilors

Please join us in
welcoming them on board.

President-Elect – Seema Tiwari-Woodruff
Secretary-Elect – Marion Buckwalter
Treasurer-Elect – Erhard Bieberich

Pam Knapp (2019-23)
Selva Baltan (2019-23)
Margot Mayer-Proschel (2019-23)
Astrid Cardona (2019-23)
Jeff Dupree (2019-23)
Josh Burda (2019-23)

Cristina Ghiani (2019-23)
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History of the ASN


Young Investigator Advisory Committee
Young Investigator Advisory Committee
at the ASN2019 meeting
at the ASN2019 meeting
at the ASN2019 meeting