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10. Epilogue for the publication of the ASN Oral History workshop in the year 2000.

The organizer would like to thank, once again, the speakers and participants for their contributions. Their presentations were taped, transcribed, corrected and revised. They were edited only when necessary. These contributions and the pictures have already enriched the ASN Archives immeasurably. My profound thanks extend to David Shine. Without his expert and patient help this electronic publication would not have been possible Only three of the featured Speakers at the workshop failed to return their corrected transcripts (and pictures). Regrettably, their contributions could not be included in this publication.

If this experiment at recalling the unrecorded or otherwise lost history of the ASN is repeated, then the missing stories 1) about the "The fraternal ASN and the establishment of our Society in South America", 2) about the "Women in Neurochemistry: their established role in the ASN and the Marian Kies Award" and "The Evolution of ASN Standing Rules Since 1983", should be included. Many more stories, old and new, could be told about the ASN and its Members. The older generations of professional Neurochemists are rapidly disappearing from our ranks and the youngest generation, is being integrated, by necessity, into the fabric of the many newer and different disciplines that now represent the Neurosciences. The old (original) ASN is slowly being transformed into a new and more timely ASN. If more of the "original" ASN Oral History is to be retained, then we should not wait another decade before organizing another ASN Oral History workshop. But it is for ASN members to decide if that objective is worth the effort.

Claude F Baxter
ASN Historian,
November, 2001

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