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ASN Awards

Jordi Folch-Pi Award

The Jordi Folch-Pi Award is given to an outstanding young investigator who has demonstrated a high level of research competence and originality, who has significantly advanced our knowledge of neurochemistry and who shows a high degree of potential for future accomplishments.

Marian Kies Award

The Marian Kies Memorial Award is given to a junior scientist for outstanding research conducted during graduate training.

Bernard Haber Award

This award recognizes an individual whose outstanding leadership skills have fostered collaborations among the world's neuroscientists.

Jean de Vellis Memorial Prize

Awarded to the Best Poster Presentations at the annual meeting.

Presidential Imaging Award

Recognizes ASN members who dare to flaunt their artistic side. Submitted images must have a connection to Neurochemistry/Neuroscience research Four images will win cash prizes.

ASN Meeting Travel Awards

Young Investigator Educational Enhancement (YIEE) Trainee Awards

The ASN offers financial assistance for late pre-doctoral and early post-doctoral fellows to subsidize trainee to our annual meeting.

Young Latin American Scholar (YLAS) Trainee Award

The ASN offers scholarships for young neuroscientists from Latin American countries. These awards subsidize trainee expenses to attend our Annual Meeting, along with a visit, for a period not shorter than one additional week, to an established neuroscience laboratory in North America.

ASN NEURO Trainee Award

One outstanding graduate student or post-doctoral fellow from the YIEE Trainee Awards recipients will receive a $1000 trainee award from ASN NEURO to attend the ASN annual meeting

Sanofi Trainee Award

One outstanding, translationally-focused post-doctoral fellow from the YIEE Trainee Award recipients will receive $1000 trainee award from Sanofi to attend the ASN annual meeting.

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