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Is this your first virtual meeting?   Are you tech-challenged? 

Need a bit more information to feel comfortable before we start?   

We've got you.

ASN 2021 is using PheedLoop as our platform to provide for the virtual event. All attendees are strongly urged to get themselves familiar with this environment prior to the beginning of the conference. We also encourage the attendees to set up their profiles as soon as possible and make sure they are exactly as they like them. The more familiar you are with the environment prior to the meeting, how it works and what it offers, the better your experience will be at the conference. Watch the brief Pheedloop Attendee Training Video before the meeting officially starts, highlighting some of the most popular features of the virtual platform that will help you get the most out of your attendance. 

On this page, we've also gathered some helpful tutorials and information that will walk you through the features of the virtual platform. We recommend reviewing the system requirements and viewing the tutorial video below prior to logging in for the actual meeting. 

Recommended System and Internet Requirements

Optimal Setup

A general rule of thumb is that any modern browser and high-speed internet connection is all that's really needed to participate. The best setup we've found is using Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop, with an internet connection offering at least 25 Mbps download speed. We've found Google Chrome is most compatible with third-party plugins and integrations.  Test your Internet Speed

Supported Browsers

All major, modern browsers are supported. This includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and even Microsoft Edge.

Note that Internet Explorer is NOT a supported browser due to it being incompatible with modern web performance and security standards.

Device Types

The virtual event system is best experienced on a laptop or desktop device, though it is responsive and compatible with tablets and smartphones. Tablets and smartphones are best suited for view-only experiences, as the system relies on several technologies that are best compatible with full browsers (e.g. video chats within the system). 

Built-In Multi-Language Support

The virtual event portal supports over 10 languages and allows you to instantly view nearly all built-in phrases, buttons, labels, notifications, and more in your language of choice. Once logged in, simply use the language selector at the top-right corner of your virtual event portal and select any language you prefer.

Areas in the Virtual Platform

You will have access to several features that are available anytime. These include the Lobby, Sessions, Exhibit Hall, Poster Hall, Networking, and Account. Click around the Sessions area to read descriptions, presenter information, and decide which session to attend. You can look around the Poster Hall and Exhibit Hall anytime. Networking is to connect directly with another attendee, via Chat. Account is where you can update your public information.


This is the lobby of the virtual platform. Here you can see announcements and can check the Twitter feed. Use this Chat for general inquiries or to request help from staff.


In this area you will find all scheduled meeting sessions, such as, Keynotes, Sessions, Award presentations and more. This is also where you will go to add sessions to your Itinerary/Personal Scheduler.  You can add Poster Sessions to your Personal Scheduler here too – there is a reminder time block included for easy scheduling, however, please note that posters are available 24/7 in the virtual platform for your viewing convenience. To view individual posters, choose the Poster Hall tab.

Once a session is clicked into from the schedule in the virtual portal, it will automatically start live-streaming at the scheduled time. You may see a pre-roll video play while you wait for a session to begin. If it’s a pre-recorded session, you willsee options to play/pause/stop the presentation yourself.  Below is a sample of a live-stream presentation. We can see the presenter, the presenter is screen sharing a presentation, and we also have access to a session chat, list of other attendees, and the ability to participate in the chat.

Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall is where you will see exhibit booths of our Sponsors and Exhibitors. By choosing an exhibitor, you will be able to see info about their company as well as email them directly or Chat. Exhibitors can share uploaded files, videos, and add social media links as well.

Poster Hall

The Poster Hall includes all posters that will be presented at the meeting. Click on an e-Poster to see their author list, affiliations, abstract, PDF slide image, and video that some may provide. You can start a Chat with each presenter or email them. They may also provide Social Media and website links. Use the Search function to find specific posters by number or title.

Poster Sessions

These will be held outside of Pheedloop in SpatialChatAdditional details will be provided within the virtual platform


The Networking tab is a way to direct chat with an attendee by name. It also has Group Chat rooms, to network with people of similar interests - just click to make a group room of your own!  You can Chat directly by Private Chat with other attendees or for Group Chat. The groups can be made for keyword interest group other options.


This tab allows you to update your profile, picture, social media, see time zone, change password, upload files (i.e. your CV), and more. Visit this area to print out your Attendance Certificate after the meeting.

What do I need to Know as an Attendee?

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